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Lubbock Legal Chronicle is a subscription based service.

This database was put together at considerable expense and time. Around the country databases of this scope and magnitude are subscription based and priced similarly to Lubbock Legal Chronicle. Some legal data services are not available online, only as a delayed print edition. Lubbock Legal Chronicle is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

”Where do you get your data? “

A dozen sources are used to get the data you see on Lubbock Legal Chronicle

Data for the Lubbock Legal Chronicle is compiled and logically arranged from all available sources. You get the data you need gathered from the various courthouses, agencies and offices with out having to pay for cds or filling out request forms. No need to be an expert at access or excel.

”How often is the site updated? “

Daily updates.

Lubbock Legal Chronicle adds data almost daily. Most categories will have data updated a minimum of weekly.  You be able to have data sooner than any other service on the categories important to you.

”Do you have document images? “

Yes, On many items images available.

Lubbock Legal Chronicle provides a link to images of original documents where available. They are available mostly in a graphic format. PDF available on request for a nominal charge.